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More details + who we are and what we do:–_RU-arlJJdeX8Z6lXMNMvCd1ovK4SZg7WuU/

We always love bringing on new members. We have a mission to accomplish, so if you want to work on the cutting edge of aerial vehicles and autonomous control, stop by at the General Meeting or any of the subteam meetings listed below: (Meeting times will be changing. See above Google Doc for current information.)

What When   Where
General Meeting SAT 11-2 WRW 312
Business FRI 4-5 WRW 413
Computations and Simulations WED 7-9 WRW 413
Computer Vision MON 4-6 WRW 312
Controls MON 5-7 WRW 312
Hardware THUR 5-7 WRW 205

More details on what each subteam works on and does can be found here:–fXdo6-MDXEUE58AuLjMCaxCEd9vhpFc0/

And all our code can be found on our GitHub:

Feel free to email us at if you have questions or comments